buttercream / Cake Decorating / Fun

Buttercream Simplicity…

Sometimes cake decorating doesn’t have to be all about the perfection of the design or the accuracy of a pattern.

Sometimes a little spontaneity and pop of colour is all you need to make a fun and inspiring design to snazz up your cake.

Grab your decorating tips and choose the ones you think will make the funkiest swirls.

Get some buttercream and split it into a variety of colours in piping bags with the afore-chosen decorating tips.

Think of the cake as a blank canvas and just let your swirls flow…

It’s quick, it’s fun, it’s quirky. Who ever said we had to conform all the time?

The family I presented this cake to at a farewell function absolutely adored it. It brought a smile to everyone’s face and tasted pretty darn awesome too!

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