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What do you say Optimus?

Yep … It’s another Transformers post. Get used to it… I have a few more to come over the next week or so.

This one is unique to me in a very special fangirl way.

The Transformers Age of Extinction movie comes out this week and has had a lot of marketing go into the lead up for it, including a couple of online participation events.

When the Transformers twitter account told people Optimus Prime would read their tweets it piqued my attention. Some people took it as Optimus Prime would read their tweets, which led to Peter Cullen and his too good to be true alter ego getting a lot of love and personal messages from the fans. I took it as Optimus Prime would READ the tweets – ie Peter Cullen would voice the phrases as Optimus Prime. Gotta love the ambiguity of words in the english language don’tcha?

Turns out the later of the two was right and as the release date for the new movie approaches, every day Optimus “reads” a few more tweets.

I figured I would “enter” for the fun of it. No harm, no foul right?

I narrowed what I was going to suggest Optimus say down to 3 choices:

1) “Bethany, Do your homework or you’re grounded.”

Logic behind it: If she won’t listen to me, perhaps she’ll listen to the leader of the Autobots she admires so much.

2) “Mitchell, Sleep well knowing I, Optimus Prime, will always watch over you.”

Logic behind it: Mitchell doesn’t sleep unless one or more of his Optimus’ (Optimii?) are on the bedside table next to him. He believes Optimus guards him from nightmares while he is asleep.

3) “Know yourself. Only then can you understand the power you have to bring change, no matter how small, to the world around you.”

Logic behind it: I find the character of Optmius Prime inspirational. Movies aside, he is the perfect unobtainable hero – he is TOO perfect and that’s something a lot of us find so endearing about him. He’s good, strong, honourable, noble, respectful, patient, observant, determined, caring, thoughtful, selfless … all the things we mere humans aspire to be. As someone who helps out with charity and (even as an over 40 mum) still aspires to do more for the people and the world around me I came up with a line that I felt said by someone like Optimus Prime (Peter Cullen’s Optimus to be precise) would hopefully inspire others to look inside themselves and think about how they can do something to make change or… influence the world around them. If we know who we are we can understand what we can give or do to help others, ourselves and maybe even change the world around us for the better.

Bethany got most upset at me when I suggested #1 and to be honest I didn’t think personal messages would be taken seriously, so I opted for posting #3 on my twitter account:

lisamareec #Optmiustweet

After that I didn’t think much about it as I figured it would be lost in the mass of messages the #Optimustweet campaign was getting.

About 10 days later sound recordings of peoples messages to Optimus started appearing on Twitter. I thought they were great. There are some classic Optimus one liners, as well as some wonderful personal messages. A few days of tweets went by and I was simply enjoying listening to the lines that had been chosen, not even thinking about what I had submitted.

So imagine my surprise while, having just visited the Transformers 30th Anniversary Exhibition hours before, I checked my email on Sunday morning at the hotel in Macau to discover this:


I’m simply not that lucky …  I thought I was seeing things. Then I thought I was hearing things.

You can listen to the quote here.

Then the fangirl squeal came and my husband thought I was nuts, crazy, going insane. He gave me that eyeroll all husbands do when they think their wives really have gone off the deep end. Then Bethany discovered what I was squealing about and joined in; Huge smiles on our faces and a sparkle in our eyes. Never in a million years did I think a kiwi gal living in Hong Kong would ever have a quote she had posted READ by Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime.

So THANK YOU PETER… not that you’ll ever read this but if you do… THANK YOU! You made my daughter and my day, week and month. Thank you to the Transformers account too for even considering my tweet. Nice to know it doesn’t matter where on the planet you are for SOME of these events. 😉

I hope in some small way that my quote, thanks to Peter Cullen’s awesome voice and Optimus Primes larger than life presence might… just might… have an impact on one of two other people and inspire them too.

Know Yourself Quote - Optimus Prime - Age of Extinction

Here are a few images of the quote you’re welcome to share around as long as you link back and keep the watermark on them.Know Yourself - white

Know Yourself Optimus G1

What would YOU get Optimus Prime to say if you were given the chance?

2 thoughts on “What do you say Optimus?

  1. Hi, i am a big fan of Optimus Prime, just got into college and my grades are very low, all my life i never got used to studying, i never cared about my grades. But now, in college, seeing my grades so low, i am ashamed of what i have become. Today i had a dream that i was strugling to walk inside my university, i was crawling on the ground, that felt terrible, and in my dream i was asking for another chance to recover my grades, then i woke up this morning, my chance is here, today. I know this story maybe seems out of place, but i woke up and i wanted to inspire myself and i remembered Optimus Prime, i went looking for quotes to put on my desktop wallpaper, so everytime i look at it i can remember what i need to do and who i want to be. Then i found your quote, you inspired me a lot, hearing him say those words makes me feel powerfull, i now know i need to understand who i am, what i want and what i can do. Thank you, you have without a doubt touched my life, with such a simple gesture.
    Sorry if my english isn’t very good, Im Brazilian.

    • Thanks for stopping by. I’m humbled this quote has helped you in some small way and I’m glad Optimus is able to continue to inspire us all (thanks to Peter Cullen) where-ever in the world we are.
      Stay strong!

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