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The Power of a Voice…

A few post backs I asked what makes a superhero.

Here is an example of what I believe is a true superhero in the real world even though he is from the Transformers world. This was posted onto a Transformers group on Facebook…

Peter Cullen is a hero

It is a small gesture given by a humble voice actor who was fortunate enough to become the voice of a hero truck way back in 1984… but to the person it helped it had the power to change (and possibly save) their life.

Peter Cullen

Peter Cullen’s voice might forever be Optimus Prime (or Eeyore) but Peter Cullen the man behind the voice is as much a SUPERHERO as the truck he has brought to life to for 30 years.

‘Onya PETER! (That’s “good on ya” in kiwi/aussie speak)

Got other examples of real life superheroes you think I should share? Let me know!

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