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Fun in Hong Kong is on the Ryze!

Nothing like a newly opened Trampoline Park on Hong Kong Island to teach me how inept my camera (or maybe more accurately my photographic ability) is…

Ryze is the latest kiddy (and mummy/daddy) sensation to open its doors right down the road from us in Quarry Bay. It’s wall to wall trampolines in a large blissfully air conditioned venue with fun for all ages. Mums around Hong Kong have been impatiently waiting for this place to open for almost 12 months and I have to say, it was worth the wait.

As a mum with slightly older kids – 7 and 9, this is the PERFECT mix of fun, exercise and motivation that has been lacking from the Hong Kong kids scene. When we arrived at the reception area along with friends George, Alec and their mum, Mitchell couldn’t contain himself wanting to eagerly get inside and jump away. That doesn’t mean it isn’t perfect for younger kids – it is – however with the place being popular and lots of big kids and adults bouncing around I think I would take advantage of the dedicated 10 am to 11 am time slot for children under 6 years of age if my kids were younger.

Of course, as with any venture like this, you have to sign a waiver for everyone who will be participating. Trampolining does have risk for injury because of all the physical exertion so I can completely understand this place not wanting to have to pay for every graze or muscle strain. No waiver, no entry. The staff do look this up before issuing you tickets.

The desk staff were great, encouraging us to take advantage of HK$10 off the price by checking into their venue on Facebook. We weren’t going to complain at a few $$ savings, although this discount is only for those people tagged, so most kids won’t qualify.

Bare feet or flight socks (available for purchase at reception) were required. No socks allowed! This is quite a change from other indoor play areas around Hong Kong but entirely logical for trampoline bouncing.

Entry occurs every 1/2 hour and your time is monitored based on the coloured wrist band you are wearing. They have both kids and adult sized wrist bands which you get to keep at the end of your session. Their pre-booking system isn’t currently up and running so there is the ability to walk in (like we did) at the moment. I suspect once their booking system is in place they may fill up quite quickly during popular days and times so don’t assume that you will be able to play if you walk in. On the day I was told their maximum capacity is 90 jumpers at any one time.

The field of trampolines was great fun. Bouncing from trampoline to trampoline, sliding down the edges, and challenging friends to see who could jump the highest and reach the balls and bags hanging from the ceiling was fun for kids and adults alike. When groups got too boisterous or did something that wasn’t allowed a staff member would blow a whistle to get attention.

Don’t do this in the trampoline park or you’ll get whistled at…

One of the rules was a little confusing and led to a lot of whistle blowing. You couldn’t sit on the area above sloped trampolines to slide down but there was no signage to warn of this. Staff would whistle and people (my kids inclusive) just looked on confused or didn’t realise they were being whistled at. It took several whistles for most people to even realise going too high up these areas was wrong. I am sure signage will help this as the park evolves over time. As the park is new I suspect they are still getting all the finishing touches in place.

Alec tested out the foam pit with Mitchell

At the back of the park are some foam pits with a variety of ways to dive into them. Some have small bouncy castle airbags allowing the older kids to do flips and tricks into the foam while another area has ramps and stairs for kids to simply jump into the foam. These areas were well monitored by Ryze staff, however I did feel a little uneasy that some of this area was a potential hazard for little heads falling the wrong way. My advice would be to monitor your children in this part of the park and make sure they understand how to jump sensibly just to be on the safe side.

George loved jumping into the foam pit!

Bethany summed up this part of the park for me nicely:

“At first I was scared that the blocks would hurt me. It was fun because I was able to jump into the pile of foam blocks and every time I did it I just grew stronger away from my fear.”

Once she realised she could jump in the foam, she had more confidence to bounce in the main trampoline arena area. Confidence Builder Power-up Achieved!

Mitchell loved the foam area running up the ramp and jumping in with no fear repetitively. He spent much of his time jumping into the foam while Bethany preferred the field of trampolines.

Bethany gave Ryze two thumbs up and innumerable bounces of delight. She can’t wait to go back again with more of her friends.

But wait. This place is also ideal for parents or even just adults – no kids required. It is a great workout and fun letting that inner child just bounce around  for an hour. George’s mum and I had a blast just mucking around with the kids and bouncing for ourselves. We didn’t care how ridiculous we looked because most other people were bouncing along with us! For once we truly got to play at a venue along WITH our kids rather than just watching from the sides. Rumour has it exercise classes are coming and what a perfect idea that will be! I certainly know several of my friends will give it a go.

An hour was plenty of time to bounce around. As our time came to an end the kids were pleasantly exhausted and ready to stop for the day.

There were quite a few sofas set up around one edge of the park for those not adventurous enough or unable to jump to relax and watch the antics. Another nice touch were power plugs complete with charging sockets for popular mobile phones or portable devices. No excuses NOT to take photos to upload to social media!

There is no food at the venue but there are a couple of drink vending machines just outside in the reception area.

Tip: Bring a bottle of water with you. Bouncing around for an hour is THIRSTY work!

Overall this place is off to a great start. As a new venture I am sure it will have a few kinks to work out and a bit of a learning curve, but as far as my kids are concerned this is one of the best things they have done so far this holidays and we WILL be back. A discounted multi-entry pass would ensure our regular patronage!

How much?

Edit: Since this post, after just one month open, Ryze have raised their prices to HK$150/hour every day of the week. 

For an hour of bouncing mayhem, anyone over age 6: HK$125 (Mon-Thurs), HK$150 (Fri-Sun)

That’s $125 per person jumping. Parents only fly for free between 10 and 11 am for kids under 6.

Tip: Check-in to Ryze on Facebook when you arrive and receive HK$10 off the entry price.

We were also told if you have a minimum group of 10 or more people they will give HK$10 off for each person, 20 people HK$20 off up to a maximum of HK$40 off for 40 people or more. Make sure to book in advance and check if this offer is indeed valid. Let me know if the staff got it right!

Unfortunately there is no party room or area to use for food or hosting a proper birthday party at this point. Fingers crossed that comes at some point as this would make an excellent birthday party venue if there was an area you could set aside for after-jumping celebrations.

How to get there?

Ryze is located on the 3rd floor of Kodak House Phase 2, 321 Java Road, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong

Phone: +852 2337 8191


Ryze is walking distance from both North Point and Quarry Bay MTR stations, although Quarry Bay is probably the closer of the two. There are also extensive bus routes to North Point and Quarry Bay so look up which will work best for you. Limited on-street parking is available but the parking here is almost always full and was that way even before Ryze came along so don’t rely on space being easily available.

Now, anyone got the name of a good physiotherapist? Think I need one after today’s fun! 😉

Have you been? What did you think of Ryze?





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