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Only in Hong Kong … Walking your pet…

What could possibly be so strange about taking your pet for a walk?

That kind of depends what kind of pet you’re taking for a walk doesn’t it?

Even an old fella needs to get out of the house sometimes…

This rather large hardshelled guy goes for walks around our apartment complex and generates quite a crowd when he does!

Conversely, sometimes all your pet wants to do is go for a stroll in the park…

With you doing the strolling of course.

Gotta love Hong Kong!


7 thoughts on “Only in Hong Kong … Walking your pet…

    • Walking a cat on a leash is quite common these days particularly with those breeds that don’t have ‘road sense’ and spend most of their times indoors. I have a friend in NZ who occasionally walks her cat on a leash so he gets some quality time outside but remains safe. Any exercise where the animal isn’t being wheeled around in a baby pram is good. 🙂

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