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A good Iced Chocolate is hard to find…

Ask for an iced chocolate in Hong Kong…

and you’ll be served something like this.

A hot chocolate (normally made mostly of water not milk) with ice cubes or crushed ice thrown in. This particular specimen even has the frothy topping of a hot chocolate with ice cubes bobbing in it. Impressive!

No milky chocolatey indulgence. Certainly no ice cream and definitely no whipped cream on top. No chocolatey syrup wrapped around the interior of the glass. And yet you should expect to pay the same price you would pay for a real one in Australia or New Zealand.

I wonder whether Hong Kong’ers feel the same disappointment when confronted by the milky goodness that is an iced chocolate when they visit down under. Do they wish it had no cream in it, that it was watery and had ice cubes floating in it? Admittedly I know several places in Sydney that will serve a Hong Kong version of an iced chocolate, so at least they can vanquish their craving should they wish.

I’ve been on the hunt for a REAL iced chocolate in Hong Kong for 6 long years and still it remains elusive.

Even regular expat haunts don’t do a REAL iced chocolate here.

What is the deal people? WHAT is the deal?

Know of a place I should check out that is worthy of the name iced chocolate? Leave a comment and let me know so I can check it out!


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