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Stark Enterprises slowly building @ Hong Kong Disneyland

The Iron Man Experience is well and truly under construction, having blocked off a whole corner of Tomorrowland from the Buzz Lightyear ride all the way over to the entry of Autopia.

The Disneyland train service has been suspended (and will be for at least the next year!) and a crane is visible working away. Stark Enterprises are slowly building what will be the newest, if not slowest constructed, ride in our humble little Disney park.

But we have to wait until 2016 for this much needed gem to open!

As a geek mum I look on this expansion with excitement, but can’t help but worry it will be too little, too late. Many of us who have had Annual passes for several years are now questioning the value we get out of the passes with so little change happening now the major expansion of Toy Story Land, Mystic Point and Grizzly Gulch are done. Momentum has slowed and the park seems to have cut back on a lot of the reasons to venture out there. There are few, if any, giveaways or perks for Annual Passholders. There are no new rides or amusements planned in the immediate future (by immediate I mean next 12 months, NOT 2016) and although a new night parade is due to start in October there is nothing tactile or engaging to will us or most of the other families we know to renew when our passes come up for expiry next.

C’mon Disney … we want to support you and believe in you, but you need to offer us some value in return… and not torture us with a wait of 2 years for a new ride to open!

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