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One of a Kind Boxed Transformers…


NEW! Limited Edition Transformers First Edition Bethany and Mitchell Optimus Prime comes with 2 battle ready figures. Figures transform from sweet angelic children to diabolical monsters ready to destroy any major metropolitan city at the flick of an attitude. Parental supervision is advised if you choose to equip the figures with the enclosed weapon accessories as they are liable to tear up any room they are let loose in. Set them up against each other and find out which one will stand and which one will fall. 

Warning: Bethany figurine requires constant shoe upgrades in order to keep functioning.

This Transformers boxed set is so exclusive there will only ever be ONE!

Coming to a Hong Kong toy store near you soon!


(This Transformers giant box gimmick was set up at Telford Plaza, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong)

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