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From Beak to Tail… you can eat it ALL!

Nothing scares me more when I sit down at a restaurant than when presented with a menu with items on it like this:

Yep – you’re reading that right…

Not only can you enjoy chicken blood, but chicken testicles, giblets and intestine… I think I’ll PASS on those!

However it does beg to question, given their size – how many rooster does it take to get a plate of ‘balls’? GAH!

After seeing this menu I was somewhat petrified of what exactly I would be eating at this divey little restaurant in Sau Kai Wan, but I have to say the menu is deceiving. As freaky as this menu looks we had one of the best hot pot (steamboat) meals I’ve had in a long time.

Just goes to show – you can’t judge a restaurant by its menu items!



3 thoughts on “From Beak to Tail… you can eat it ALL!

  1. You mean you didn’t take it as a opportunity to try something new?

    I tried brains for the first time this week. It was surprisingly lovely. In the hands of the right chef, unusual cuts of meat can be delicious. But I would only order it if I was confident the chef was experienced.

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