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Optimus Strange Stuff…

Movies draw out some interesting marketing campaigns and affiliated products but these little gems my husband picked up for me on a recent visit to South Korea have to take the cake.

What are they you ask?

Officially licensed Transformers branded beauty hydro gel masks for men. Not masks you wear around in public using your Peter Cullen voice pretending to be Optimus Prime, but a moist beauty mask you place on your face for 20 or more minutes in the privacy of your own home to hydrate and tighten “sagging facial skin”.

You too can have a face as smooth and waxed as the sheen of Optimus Prime’s Western Star paint job! REALLY! All thanks to acai berry extract (and collagen).

Or a face as polished and streamlined as a yellow Camero and as fresh as a lemon to boot!

Face masks and beauty products are a HUGE industry in South Korea and rapidly expanding in popularity in Asia as a whole, especially here in Hong Kong where innisfree, the makers of these quirky face masks, have recently opened several stores in quick succession. These particular masks have been popular to the point they are all but sold out in most places but I’m not sure whether that is because of the amusement Transformers fans like myself get from them, or because men (and their thoughtful ladies) are buying into the marketing tactic of using robots who can disguise themselves as vehicles as beauty ambassadors for the male population.

Now before you start saying “Oh, Lisa… don’t be ridiculous, Hasbro would NEVER license something as out there as beauty care products,” let me show you the back of the pack.

See that little Hasbro logo there on the left of the pack and it’s associated word-age of compliance? It is indeed officially licensed peoples!

I have yet to convince my husband to try one of these masks for me, but then again, as much as I adore the big red and blue Autobot leader I’m not sure I want my husbands face to be as hard and shiny as Optimus Prime. I like him just the way he is.


Would you buy a beauty product because it is aligned to a successful movie/toy franchise?

What do you think of Toy companies branching out with their licensing into products like this?

3 thoughts on “Optimus Strange Stuff…

    • I tend to agree with you. As much as I love Transformers I can’t get over how much advertising has been associated both within the film itself and outside with the marketing of products such as these. Who’d have thought a simple 1980’s toy robot that can disguise itself as a vehicle could become such a consumer drawcard beyond its own industry!

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