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Lighting up the night with Mid Autumn Festival

The moon is full and bright in the Hong Kong night sky. Summer heat and humidity might still be dominating the Hong Kong weather but it can’t stop people from celebrating as moon cakes appear everywhere and lanterns bring colour to the night. 

Victoria Park is one of the main hubs for Mid Autumn Festival in Hong Kong and always has a selection of lanterns and festivities taking place. 

To be honest, this year a smaller display was set up which was both good and bad. Good because there was more room for the throngs of people crushing into the park to be a part of the festivities. Bad because, people aside, the area seemed so sparse. 

Never the less the lanterns once again delighted everyone with their beautiful simplicity. 

Along with more traditional dragons and fish, there were a number of toy themed lanterns. 

Given Hong Kong’s proud history as a toy manufacturing hub in the past I thought it was a rather nice tribute. The rocking horse moved forwards and backwards. 

The robots arms moved up and down. 

The teddy bears… well the just sat there… after all they’re just teddy bears!

My kids love the atmosphere but not the crowds, especially given the heat, so for us as the years go on our time at the lanterns seems to reduce. They were happy just to look, walk around with their own lanterns and then leave dragging us away for a change. 

If you’re ever visiting Hong Kong during Mid Autumn Festival these lanterns are worth fighting the crowds to experience at least once in your life. It isn’t just about the imagery but the people and the uplifting spirit that seems to follow the Mid Autumn celebrations around. 

And of course, the Moon Cake… but that’s for another post!

Lanterns can only be seen in Victoria Park at night time for a few days over the Mid-Autumn Festival in late August/Early September depending on the lunar calendar. Victoria Park is easy to get to via MTR (Causeway Bay) and any number of buses or tram. 


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