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How to Train Your Dragon: Toothless Buttercream Cake

Bethany turned 10 recently and you know what that means …


10! Holy cow. Where does the time go! I can’t believe she’s now in double digits… and yikes, so close to being a teenager.

This year Bethany surprised us by asking for a “How to Train Your Dragon” theme.

I custom designed the invites, we organised the party and off we sailed to the outer reaches of Hong Kong.

Bethany chose the design she wanted on her cake. She wanted Toothless, the Nightfury – Hiccup’s dragon… just Toothless – no harness, no Hiccup.

Looking around I couldn’t find any good images (and none without the harness) so I took a base design and redrew it to make it suitable for the top of a cake.

toothless buttercream pattern

Remember, if you are doing a traced transfer onto a cake you need to draw the image “reversed” (or flip it) so it comes out correctly when you apply it to the cake.

I traced the image onto a piece of baking paper using piping gel and Wilton tip #1.  Then I carefully placed the piped image onto the surface of my cake. I carefully traced over the gel lines with a toothpick to push them onto the cake. I say carefully because if you press too hard or too quickly the gel will bleed and the lines won’t be clear enough to use properly.

I slowly peeled the baking paper away to reveal the gel piped image on the top of the cake.

Using a Wilton #2 tip and black buttercream icing I traced the gel linework to create the outlines of the image for my cake.

Starting with the face, I filled in the colour for the eyes, then the body. Toothless is supposed to be black, but as the linework would have become lost with black on black I had to use a little artistic license and made his skin grey instead. After flood filling the colour of the body I went back over some of the linework with my black #2 tip to help re-define the lines. Bethany stood over me as I completed the tail specifically reminding me several times to make sure 1/2 of Toothless’s tail was coloured red.

The finished product gleaned a smile from a very happy birthday girl.

She was absolutely delighted when she got to share it with her friends at her party as everyone enjoyed seeing and then eating Toothless.

I’ve decided to share the image I drew of Toothless on here for other mum bakers out there who are trying to make a similar cake for their own children. Right click the link to save it to your computer. The image is NOT to be copied, placed on another website or used for commercial purposes. He is for the personal enjoyment of other mums wanting to make their child’s cake a memorable one only.

If you do use my template to make a cake, please email and let me know how your cake turned out. I’d love to see what other ideas people design with it (and I’ll share with the world if you want me to).

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