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Olaf in Buttercream

Frozen. There’s no denying it has shown once again that Disney can take a story and turn it into something simply magic. It has created yet more fabulous characters just waiting to be piped in buttercream. I was beyond excited when I got a request to create Olaf in buttercream. Olaf is probably the easiest of the characters to ice as he’s a big fluffy snowman with only a few colours to worry about. There are loads of images of him ideal for creating something amazing on top of a cake so I went with a stock image to trace around. See? Isn’t he fun? He was created using a #3 tip for the linework and a #5 tip to flood fill the body. The arms and hair are created exclusively with the #3 tip. Instead of flood filling his arms I piped lines within the arms to give a “branch” effect. the only colours needed to create him are your base buttercream white or off-white, black, brown and a little orange for the nose. To complete the Frozen theme I experimented with icicles to surround the cake. Simple and fun, the birthday girl LOVED it and so did her friends.

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