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Dear Hong Kong Drivers…

Thank you for pulling out from an intersection into oncoming traffic just because you think you can. I didn’t realise the give way to the right rule doesn’t apply if you are driving a luxury car or taxi.

Thank you for NOT using your indicators. Yes – those of us who drive in Hong Kong are mind readers and know exactly which direction you are turning… NOT!

Thank you for driving straight through a round-about without giving way, let alone looking, to your right even though there are cars you are legally obliged to give way to slamming on their brakes to avoid hitting your precious vehicle. Also, thank you for giving a dirty look as if YOU are in the right (delusional much!) when you realise YOU almost caused an accident.

Thank you for using your hazard lights ALL THE TIME! It is nice to know you acknowledge you are a bad driver and are attempting to warn other of this when driving down the road, backing into a car-parking spot, indecisive when turning corners or reversing recklessly up the road.

Thank you for attempting to skip traffic by waiting to pull into the lane at the last moment and intentionally trying to scrape the front side off my car. Your lack of signalling, impatience and blatant disregard for road rules is simply STUNNING. Your insurance company must LOVE you.

Thank you for NOT allowing me space to move into your lane (and in fact moving up closer to the vehicle in front to completely shut me out) despite the fact I have been indicating (yes – that IS what that flashy orange light thing is for!) for some time and the lane is legal to cross in to. I am sure the people behind me appreciate your selfishness as much as I do.

Thank you for blasting your horn at me gesticulating for me to move forward when you can see all too well the traffic in front of me is not moving either. The look when I gesticulate back with my “New Zealand wave” is often priceless. If I could use my phone to snap a pic of your reaction I would but that’s illegal here in Hong Kong.

Thank you for not waving thanks when I slow down enough to give you space to move into my lane. It’s nice to know you have no appreciation for the courteousness of other drivers who actually respect you indicated your intentions and decided not to cut you off. When people do let you in – GIVE US A WAVE! It’s a simple but nice gesture than shows you are thankful to that rare considerate driver out there.

And a special note for those who are driven around by their employed drivers:

Thank you for getting your driver to stop/block the road with your big Alphard people mover while you leisurely get your helper to carry your shopping/handbag and you climb into the back of the vehicle. I didn’t realise you were the queen/king of Hong Kong and had permission to close roads with your presence.  I notice you don’t like me evilly staring at you sitting in the back of your vehicle as you turn your face away guiltily not wanting to acknowledge a) your laziness or b) your driver’s disrespect for the traffic around them.

Speaking of drivers, I WILL give you, yes YOU – the EMPLOYER, an evil glare and some choice words if you can’t tell your driver to respect the road rules when they blatantly perform one of the above actions with your vehicle… I’m a caring sharing person and since you feel you are so important and unable to drive yourself you SHOULD be embarrassed when your driver can’t do their job properly and the rest of us point that out. You employed them – you’re responsible for their actions on the road.

And as for the “Drivers” – you’re employer might be someone important but you’re not. Just because you drive them around does not give you the right to act as if you are also more important than those around you. You’re just another driver – an employee – who drive on the same roads as everyone else, nothing more. Respect those vehicles around you and they’ll respect you back. Remember that.

I always thought Sydney drivers were the worst drivers in the Western world. I was WRONG! When I head back to Sydney these days I revel in the sheer delight of how nice the roads and drivers are…

Got a pet peeve of drivers in your country? Sound off!


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