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Lost Between Two Cities…

As I stare at the white pollution hovering outside my window, I miss the blue skies I found so addictive in Sydney.

I love Hong Kong. It is vibrant, and ever changing, full of colour and culture.


I miss Sydney. It is also vibrant in such a different way, so full of life; it feels like I am returning “home” every time I set foot there.

Call it homesickness, or just frustration at the seemingly endless days of extreme pollution and crazy going on here, but my mind lingers back to the “western” life I once had in the East (Australia and New Zealand are to the East of Asia just incase anyone is confused).

I wonder how different our lives would have been had we never gotten this opportunity, this experience, this immersion into culture and life in such an amazing city – Asia’s World City. I wonder where we would be and how different my little third culture kids would have developed in an all Aussie environment.

Yet I hold NO regrets. I love the experiences my family and I have almost daily. I love the exposure to a world that we would never have known or appreciated had we stayed put in our little Sydney neighbourhood. My daughter is studying Refugees and Global Suffrage as one of her major school projects this term. I can’t imagine 10 year olds tackling such topics back in Oz. Both my kids speak 3 languages; that would never have happened in Sydney. I know that regardless of the path, this life we live, whilst not easy, whilst not perfect… it is allowing our whole family to grow as individuals and as a unit.

We are stronger. We are closer. We aren’t perfect, but (homesickness aside) we are happy.

What scares me the most is how our lives will change were we to go back to Sydney. Our life there is gone. The city and our friends have moved on. None of us are the same. Yet images of Australian life as we know it are stuck in a timewarp forged 7 years ago. It scares me to consider how DIFFERENT the city I call home will be when we do eventually decide the time has come to head back. Will any of our original routines return? Will we be able to adjust? Will our old friendships have retained their strength to resume?

Or will we forever feel out of place, shifted in time, perpetually running to catch up with the world around us?


2 thoughts on “Lost Between Two Cities…

  1. I enjoyed reading your many articles here about HK. This article resonates well with me. It’s through forums and blogs that people find that they are not alone when they go through a myriad of emotions and life experiences. Being a Malaysian and having recently moved to Zurich after 10 years in London, the heart longs for Asia. I too question what it would be like to move back (not quite Malaysia, but perhaps HK or Singapore), what it would mean for our children and what if we regret making the move after all the physical and financial sacrifices. Your closing statement captures it well “Or will we forever feel out of place, shifted in time…”

    • I agree. We aren’t alone in our thoughts and emotions and it can be re-assuring to know others feel the same although I find here in Hong Kong it isn’t often talked about. Thanks for taking the time to pop by.

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