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Easy Minion Cupcakes…

Minions, These little guys just don’t seem to be going away AND they’ve even got their own film coming out!

I had a request for some simple Minion cupcakes, and figured why not give it a go! Annoying as they are on film, they are quite simple to create in buttercream icing with a little patience.

They really aren’t that hard to draw, so let me give you a few tips on how to make these cute little guys for yourself.

You will need yellow, black, grey, brown and neutral/white buttercream icing. At least 1/2 of your icing will be needed for the yellow. Brown will need the least, but you still need enough to be able to apply pressure through your decorating bags.

To create grey, take a little bit of your black icing and “dilute it” with your neutral icing until you get the shade you want.

The decorating tips you will need are:

12 – for the yellow base

5 – for the grey ring around the eye

5 – for the white of the eyeball

3 – for the black features (except the iris)

3 – for the brown pupil

2 – for the black iris

1 – for the white reflection dot on the eye (optional)

Using your yellow icing with the 12 tip, starting at the outer edge of the cupcake make a flat swirl slowly into the centre of the cupcake keeping the icing flow as even as possible.

Using a small clean palate knife gently smooth the surface to give you the background you need for your faces.

Now comes the fun part. Decide what kind of minion face you are going to make. The classic “Dave” with 2 eyes or maybe a one eyed “Stuart”? Actually – there are a whole cast of these crazy critters you can decide on.

Create the silver/grey circle using a 5 tip somewhere towards the middle of the cupcake. If you are making 2 eyes, you can do a figure 8 motion, one eye just create a nice circle. Depending on how your icing flows you may want to add a second layer of grey. It’s entirely up to you.

Using a 5 tip and white icing, gently make the eyeball in the middle of the grey circle(s) by slowly moving the tip from right to left as you ice it. Alternatively you can fill from the centre out to both the right and left (and top and bottom) depending on which approach you prefer.

Using a 3 tip and brown icing we need to make the pupil. Decide where your minion will be looking – straight at you, up down, sideways? To create each “look” you go to a slightly different position to place the pupil; Toward the centre for straight ahead, lower down for looking down, slightly to the right or left for sideways and higher to the top for up. Depending on what you decide, create the pupil accordingly by slowly flood filling a dot on top of the eyeball.

Using a 2 tip with black icing place a small dot on top of the brow pupil, again a slight off centre movement will create the direction the minion is looking.

Optionally, you can use a 1 tip with white/neutral icing and create a reflection dot. I tend to put this to the left of the iris. It is a very light drop of icing, nothing more.

That’s the hardest part – the eyeball(s) complete.

Next comes the black strap across either side of the eyeball.

Using a 3 tip and your black icing, create two lines from the edge of the cupcake to the edge of the grey eye circle with a small amount of horizontal distance between them to create the strap. Flood fill the black into the middle of the strap.

What kind of facial expression will your Minion have? Happy? Scared? Surprised? Sad?

Play around with different mouths to give each cupcake its own unique personality. My kids wanted lots of smiley faces, but  it really is up to create the mouths you want.

Optionally, you can add a few strands of hair at the top of the cupcake as well… and you’re done!

It really isn’t that hard is it?

I can even prove it…

Mitchell was so delighted watching me make these he wanted to try and draw one for himself…


He created this all by himself, except for the strap which I helped with because he couldn’t quite keep his hand steady enough to make the straight lines.

So what are you waiting for? Make Minions and be HAPPY!

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