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Transform and go to school…

About a month ago Bethany noticed a Transformers school bus go past us as I was driving. I have seen it a couple of time since then, but as I’ve been driving myself every time the opportunity to actually take a proper look at it hasn’t availed itself until now.

The kids and I were walking home yesterday when what did we happen to spy parked on the side of the road?

The Transformers “school” bus.

It is advertising the new cartoon Transformers Robots in Disguise, or as it tends to be called in Transformers circles RID2015 (since there was another Transformers cartoon of the same name in 2001/2002).

How cool would it be if this thing rocked up to take you to school in the morning? Unfortunately my kids school doesn’t use this company so they won’t ever get the privilege much to their disappointment.

For those curious, the new show has Bumblebee as the leader of a small team of Autobots, including Grimlock, who hunt down a “monster of the week” Decepticon. Poor old Optimus is off to the side as he’s currently a “ghost/lost spark/godlike entity” not part of the regular action *sob*.

My kids have watched a few episodes in Mandarin (it’s a GREAT way to encourage the kids to enhance their learning of the language) and while they don’t like the styling of the cartoon they are enjoying the humour of the storyline and the various Decepticons. Personally, I agree with my kids – I really think the animation is a step backwards from its “prequel” – Transformers Prime. I understand making Transformers Prime was expensive, but wow was it impressive and immersive visually. The animation in this new show really makes the characters feel flat and TOO simplified. Every Autobot seems to have the same face shape (modelled off Optimus by the looks). Side by side with 1980’s G1 original cartoon, the G1 looks surprisingly good in comparison because of the rich character diversity which shouldn’t be the case in this day and age. It’s a telling sign when the only good thing I can say about the animation is that the backgrounds are quite nice…

Having said that, the toys look great and my kids LOVE the toys. Mitchell has made it his goal to collect all of the characters that transform in several of the different toy sizes and complexities (so far the Hero Grimlock is his absolute favourite). Oh if only the animation was as good as the “real” products! This is a product line where the toys definitely outshine the show.

Have you seen the 2015 version of Transformers Robots in Disguise yet? What do you think of it?

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