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This cake has been Terminated!

My husband loves cake but he rarely asks for one on his birthday. This year I thought I would surprise him with a small cake that let him know how much the kids and I love him even if he is another year older. My hubby LOVES movies and the geek in me simply could NOT let the opportunity to translate one of his favourites onto a cake be missed.

We narrowed the movie selection down to one of his two favourite actors – Arnie or Stallone. The kids battled it out for a while in the Rocky vs Terminator war of who would top the cake but Arnie won out this year. (Don’t worry Sly – Rocky ALWAYS makes a comeback; you know that!)

I’ve been wanting to do a silhouette cake for a while and this gave me the perfect opportunity to give it a go. The design is based on an image I found on the internet. I’ve just simplified it a bit so it would work with the icing on the cake.

The design is traced onto the cake with piping gel and then piped over with a 3 or 2 tip. The size of the tip depended on the detail.

To finish the cake off I coated it in my hubby’s favourite things – whipped cream and good old Aussie Tim Tams. Chocolate cake filled with masses of whipped cream coated in whipped cream and Tim Tams… oh yes!

I love putting the geek into my cakes, and my hubby was absolutely delighted and highly amused by his special cake. Of course, the consequence was a 5 day run of Arnie movies… but that’s why we love him! (my husband that is!)

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