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Kidslogic TF03 Kids Nation Transformers Mini Figures

I love Kidslogic. I adore their Transformers figures. If they ever needed a short fat kiwi woman to stand around talking to people about how cool their figures are, then I’m that person! So I was unable to control my excitement when I got a message saying their latest mini figure Transformers set (I ordered around Christmas) was ready for me to pick up from their Mong Kok store yesterday!

Kidslogic are a local Hong Kong company who design and make officially licensed cute deformed non-transforming (thus far) figures of franchised characters from Transformers, Marvel, etc. They create unique and fun pieces that are great to display. I’ve got several of their 6 inch figures and both previous sets of their 3 inch 5 pack Transformers figures.

The first Transformers set of mini figures came with Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Grimlock, Soundwave and Starscream. The second (allegedly limited edition) set came with Kickback, Ultra Magnus, Skywarp, Thundercracker and Soundblaster.

This new set comes with Ironhide, Jazz, Megatron, Wheeljack and Smokescreen. They are all based on their G1 likeness with cute “chibi” deformed heads.

I couldn’t have passed up this new set even if I had wanted to as my #2 all time Autobot is in the set – Ironhide.

Optimus Prime (from the TF01 set) FINALLY has his old friend back by his side!

I love this figure BUT the head placement annoys me. These figures have limited articulation, which I’m ok with, however you can’t move the head up or down, so to get a great view of Ironhide’s eyes you have to look slightly up at him.

Jazz is probably my favourite character visually in the set. His visor is just AWESOME! The energon blue glow that comes from it is perfect and his detailing pulls me right back to my childhood and Scatman voicing him!

Megatron is the only Decepticon in this set, but he finally gives the existing Decepticons the leader they’ve thus far been lacking. The red glow of his eyes just completes the menacing look. I have a 6 inch version of Megatron and as much as I love the light in the gun, the simply evil glare of this little guy gives the bigger figure a run for his money.

Oh yes… deformed evil never looked so good!

Wheeljack is also a great figure. All his distinctive G1 design is captured in his figure. I can just see this little guy turning into a Lancia or working on some crazy invention to … oh I don’t know … create some dinobots?!

Smokescreen is the odd one in the set for me. I love his colouring and design, but getting him to stay standing up is a real chore as he seems quite back heavy. I’ve had to muck around with him quite a bit to pose him in a position where he will balance and stay standing up for any length of time. That’s a little disappointing as the other figures are very stable. Never-the-less I do like his detailing.

Each figure comes with their own unique custom gun hand that can be interchanged onto the figure with the exception of Megatron; who needs a gun when you ARE a gun?!

Overall the figures are nicely detailed and well finished. Even without their LED light eyes on they still look GREAT! With their eyes lit up there are AWESOME! Added with characters from other Kidslogic mini figure sets they fit in perfectly. Even with a high-grade inebriated Smokescreen these guys are a set worth getting.

I also picked up the GOLD mini Megatron. I’m undecided if I will hold onto him (hence still sealed in his plastic) but he is a VERY nice figure in his own right as well. Decisions, decisions!

Now I know super deformed figures and non-transforming figures aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but if you do like a little bit of quirky in your Transformers then these guys are worth taking a look at.

Reunited! TF03 and TF01 Autobots

If you want to take a better look at these little guys check out my album on Flickr. I took way too many photos, they’re so addictive to pose and photograph.

Do you like these style of figures or are you a purist Hasbro/Takara-Tomy only kind of person?


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