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The 8-Bits Strike again…

You might remember a while back the french artist Invader hit the shores of Hong Kong and left some beautiful 8-bit ceramic tile graffiti on the streets for those of us who live here to appreciate and those in government to swiftly remove many of them…

Well – Look what has popped up on one of our local streets in the last 48 hours…
North Point 8-bit tile graffiti

Do you see it? The creative burst of colour hiding up on the side of the building?

North Point 8-bit tile graffiti

Here’s a close up (taken with my iPhone so I apologise for the quality of the picture). The tiles are significantly larger than those used in the art by Invader previously, and the space invader he normally places to the side of his creations is actually incorporated into this image (do you see it?). That’s why I am sceptical this is someone doing a copycat of Invader’s style.

Not that I’m complaining. I enjoy this kind of graffiti. As a kid of the 80’s I love the artistic style and the colour it brings to the concrete jungle of our local streets. If there is one thing Hong Kong can benefit from it is colour and art to open up the streets visually beyond the incredible skyline.

I hope this little guy gets to stay. I also hope there might be other spontaneous characters like this appearing around the city again. Fingers crossed the government are more tolerant if indeed this is the Invaders “second wave”.

This piece of art is located on City Garden Road in North Point on Hong Kong Island.

If you live in Hong Kong have you seen any new 8-bit art around your part of the 852?

What do you think of this style of graffiti?


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