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Wolf Cupcakes

My daughter is going through a wolf phase and thus the annual “what do you want on your birthday cake this year?” was met with “WOLVES!”

Alas time was against me and I didn’t have time to give her a full sized cake but as she was having a small sleep over party anyways I decided to try and make her something simple yet satisfying to fulfil her requirement.

Cupcakes are quick and easy to make and a basic swirl with a Wilton M1 tip on top take very little time once you’ve had a bit of practice.

The wolf design is made of chocolate melted, then traced onto baking paper and left to set. Ideally I like to allow my chocolate to set at room temperature before I put it in the fridge but Hong Kong weather being what it is more often than not I have to put the baking paper sheet into the fridge to set. No ideal but functional.

To make these chocolate decals you find or create the design you want, print it out and place a section of baking paper over the top.

You then trace it with melted chocolate and allow it to set.

I use a plastic bottle with a reasonably thin nozzle on it to trace the outline first and then fill the internal parts of the design where appropriate. You can also use cake decorating bags but I find because you need to work with hot melted chocolate it is uncomfortable and awkward. If you can just stick to a trusty plastic bottle with nozzle like you might fill with tomato sauce.

I didn’t tell bethany I was making these. The minute she saw them she burst into a smile.

Her friends loved them too… and there were no left overs. That’s always a good sign. After all cupcakes are made to be eaten right?

Want a template to make your own chocolate wolf cupcake topper?




You can download a free version of one of my patterns for private unpaid non-commercial use by saving the image above.
If you wish to use my designs commercially please ask first to obtain a paid license.



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