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Autobot vs Decepticon

The day I always dreaded has finally arrived…

My son walked into the lounge and I called “Hello my little Autobot!” as I always do.

He quietly slinked up, looked at me somewhat guiltily with his eyes tilted down and said “Mummy I have something to tell you.”

“Ok?” I questions curiously.

He paused, then looked at me with a serious face.

“I think I like the Decepticons more than the Autobots.”

He then hurriedly added “Please don’t be upset.”

Im my mind I was thinking:



but my kids know they can like whatever they want.

So I continued the conversation curious to know what had caused my little Autobot to be lured to the “other” team.

“It’s fine sweetie. You can like who you want,” I said to re-assure him, “But why do you like the Decepticons more?” I asked innocently.

He looked at me and smiled.

“Well mummy, I don’t mean to upset you but their combiners are WAY cooler AND they have more combiners AND Devastator is the BEST Decepticon ever… OH! And The Decepticons in Robots in Disguise (the 2015 version) are so much cooler than the Autobots. Bumblebee is BORING!”

“Oh – ok.” I said as I smiled.

“I still love you mummy even though you support the Autobots,” he said as he gave me a huge hug.

“I’ll always love you too my little Decepticon!”

He smiled and bounced back out of the room.


mitchdevi1As a parent I could never crush my kids passion or enjoyment for things they love. As I said they can like what and who they want and I strongly encourage that. Just because we as parents have our own preferences or beliefs it shouldn’t mean our children have to follow the same. Freedom of choice is the right of all children and adults alike.

I can’t blame the kid. The Decepticons DO have some cool and interesting characters and whilst they might be the “bad guys” (dependent on your point of view of course) there are still lots of personalities and moral lessons the characters can teach my son. He’s passionate about something (Transformers) that brings him endless pleasure, happiness and encourages his imagination and that’s what matters to me.

Besides, now we won’t be fighting over who controls the Autobots and who controls the Decepticons when we play together! Haha! Yeah – I’m a parent who fondly “plays toys” with her kids and I strongly advocate all parents do the same. It is a great way to interact, have fun, be silly, get your kids to open up and take away the parent-child barrier so you’re on the same level.

Ya know… I can’t help but think since my son has the spark of Optimus Prime – he’s ruled by his selflessness and compassion; I’m pretty sure he’ll wander back to the Autobots at some point especially since G1 Grimlock is STILL his all time favourite bot. Maybe he’ll be the kid to bring unity to Cybertron once more!



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