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Akasushi – Cheap ‘n cheerful Japanese in Fortress Hill

Good Japanese food can be hard to find at a reasonable price. Not only that but if you’re anything like me you want to be able to TASTE the freshness in the fish when you’re eating sushi and sashimi. After all 95% of it will be raw so it better be good.


On the back streets of Fortress Hill is a little sushi restaurant that has fresh fish, great prices and reasonably quick service.

Shop 14, G/F, Victor Court, 18 Wang On Road, North Point

It’s become one of our “go to” Japanese restaurants as it doesn’t break the bank and they serve sets – a miso soup, a plate of one sashimi, a set of sushi and a bowl of rice topped with fresh raw fish for a very cheap price (normally below HK$100).

You can also order conventional things individually like sushi, sashimi, udon, deep fried and yakitori style snacks.


What I like about this restaurant is the fish tastes fresh, the food is made to order so it isn’t sitting around and the portions in the set are the right amount for a decent meal.


The deep fried snacks can be a bit oily at times but I find this a common trait with most restaurants here. Their deep fried soft shell crab is very nice though and again, fresh. My husband enjoys the mild black pepper ox tongue sticks – not for me as I don’t “do” internal organs (I classify tongue as an internal organ and before anyone gripes – I HAVE tried it, I don’t like it). Do keep in mind this restaurant is primarily a sushi and sashimi restaurant so that is where they excel.

They don’t have an English menu, but it isn’t needed as their menus include pictures for all the items. If you’re ordering a set the staff should point at the pictures of what else you need to choose beyond whatever you point at.

One of the nice things about this place is a little reward card you get stamped once you’ve paid at the end of your meal. Accumulate enough stamps and they have a reward chart where you can select free sushi, sashimi and even udon for redemption of stamps (starting from as little as 6 stamps) with your next paying meal – also as pictures so once again even those of us who can’t read Chinese can enjoy the freebies too.

Things to keep in mind:

  • It is a very small restaurant and often there can be a wait to be seated, especially during lunch office hours.
  • Cash only. They don’t accept credit cards, eps or Octopus card.
  • This restaurant is closed on Sundays most of the time.
  • Always ask to see the “sets” menu as that menu is where the best deals are to be had if you want a selection of different things to try and aren’t too fussy.
  • There is no English sign so look out for a small shop with a sign that has a single Chinese character on the left and a red brush swish (sideways elongated S) on it. There should be lots of posters on the front window with various pictures of sushi and sets on them. If in doubt – here’s the OpenRice link.

This is a no frills restaurant with good prices, good food and decent service. Well worth a visit if you’re in the mood for fresh sushi and sashimi in the Tin Hau/Fortress Hill area.

Have you been? What do you think? Got any other places you think we should try and check out?

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