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Images of Hong Kong: Out My Window…

We can’t afford a big fancy apartment in an affluent area but one thing I do have is a view of Victoria Harbour out my lounge room window. It’s an ever changing portrait of chaos, serenity, action and intrigue. From time to time I look out and see an image that just leaves me breathless.

On the 6th of April THIS incredible view took place for about 10 minutes.


All of Kowloon  and Victoria Harbour was obscured by low lying cloud. The irony being a solitary tower splitting the clouds as they pushed around it while blue skies hovered overhead.

Motorway aside, it was stunning. As the clouds twirled slowly around the skyscraper I couldn’t help but be hypnotised by it.

Hong Kong is small but it seems to have areas of what I call micro climates. The longer I live here the more I notice how unpredictable and strange the weather becomes but in moments like these I just admire the awesome beauty of both the city I live in and the world I am a part of.

I’ve collected a fair few pictures of Hong Kong so every now and then you’ll be seeing a post like this to show you this incredible city through my eyes.

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