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Test Driving Combiner Wars Computron

Hasbro isn’t releasing this guy until late August but thanks to the Hasbro Hong Kong trial event my daughter and I got to play with Computron in hand.

My son has been asking about a Computron figure for a very long time. In the G1 cartoon Computron (made up of a group of Transformers called the Technobots) is created by Grimlock who just happens to be Mitchell’s all time favourite Transformer so we already KNEW this set was going to be a “must purchase” for his collection. Before seeing this set in hand I had all but made up my mind our family would get the Takara Tomy version based on the images I had seen online so I was expecting something less than spectacular from the Hasbro version. I was worried the colours would be too garish and out of place and that the detailing wouldn’t make him as interesting as his Takara version.

Let’s take a look!

The box art doesn’t feel as dominating or as impressive as some of its predecessors however it still gives a good illustration of what hides within.

This set, like Victorion, comes with a poster; always a nice addition in my opinion.  The box has the 5 core figures that form Computron and 2 smaller figures to form Scrounge (who I hadn’t heard of before opening this set). One thing I instantly liked about the Technobots were that they are all interestingly unique figures (no double ups AND no Alpha Bravo mould to be seen *YAAAY*).

Scattershot is the core of Computron. He’s been released individually but we didn’t buy him as my son didn’t like the bland colour scheme on the individual release version. With this set Scattershot’s anything but bland. On his own in bot mode he seems a bit awkward but when paired with his team his design and colours work surprisingly well.

Afterburner is possibly the stand out figure in this set for me. His orange and green colour scheme is great and his bike whilst based off the same mould is distinctive from the previous bike figures that have been released.

Strafe is cool. Again he feels different from previous figures as a non-standard jet yet easy to transform. He was quite reminiscent of the Strafe I remember from the US G1 cartoons.

Lightspeed is a lazy reuse of a previous figure as he’s just a newly coloured version of the previous Streetwise (and numerous other) mould, doesn’t look much like his original G1 design and his colours are probably the worst within the Technobot team. I suppose I can forgive him a little since he is the only car in the team but I do wish Hasbro had done something to make him more unique from previous versions of this Combiner Wars mould.

Similarly, Nosecone is an exact rehash of the figure Brawl from the Combaticon set. There is virtually no difference other than colour scheme. Not even the head! So you could argue there is laziness on the part of his figure as well. However he is supposed to be a drill tank so it feels like he deserves to be part of this team.

I had never heard of Scrounge before and I am guessing he is part of the comic universe which I haven’t had exposure to. However I have to say he is a cool addition to the team as a bot, weapon or shield. A little yellow “cosmos” UFO with a space shuttle gun buddy. NEAT! Scrounge and his little space shuttle buddy will not be a part of the Unite Warriors boxed set so you’ll only get him if you purchase the Hasbro version of Computron.

Like Victorion, Hasbro have decided to give Computron his own unique hands and feet. It is a great addition which goes a long way to making Computron feel distinct from the other Combiners. It is worth noting that like Scrounge these custom hands and feet won’t be included in the Unite Warriors version of Computron which instead maintains the standard Combiner Wars hand/feet attachments.

The individual figures don’t need much of an explanation. If you’ve been playing with Combiners Wars figures previously they are basically more of the same with the exception of Scrounge. They’re easy to transform and reasonably robust. The only figure that seemed a little temperamental when we played with him was Nosecone who didn’t want to stay together as a limb without a lot of fiddling when trying to combine into Computron.

Combined together is where Computron really impressed me.  All his crazy colours come together to form a bot who is interesting and quirky all in one. He doesn’t look EXACTLY like he does in the G1 cartoon… that will be the Unite Warriors version from Takara Tomy, and as much as I thought it would be an issue, for me it isn’t. In fact while his colours aren’t G1 accurate he does FEEL reminiscent of something out of the 80’s which is almost just as good.

Scrounge on his should isn’t a bad addition either. I originally though it would look odd but it’s actually kind of cool and gives the character yet more imaginative fire power.

If the Hasbro trial play event was supposed to convince us to buy their figures, then this guy actually did the job because my daughter and I went from being non-believers who were determined to get the Unite Warriors version to surprisingly enamoured by this guy. In many ways he was the highlight of the night for me. You might try to argue that I had very low expectations of him to begin with and perhaps in some small way that was true but as someone whose favourite gestalt (Combiner) is Superion I hate to admit it but Combiner Wars Computron came across as a more enjoyable figure than Combiner Wars Superion both as individual bots and combined. He also blew away the newer toy line Titans Return with more people enjoying a play with him than the Titans Return figures available on the tables.

If you like the previous Combiner Wars figures you’ll like Computron. If cartoon realistic colours are an issue for you you’ll hate this guy. At the end of the day from my perspective as a collector and a mum Computron and the Technobots who make him up are fun. The extra bits such as the custom hands and feet and the addition of Scrounge are a good enticement to get the Hasbro version and while the colours may seem garish to some they do invoke the feel of the original 1980’s style aesthetic. If I hadn’t played with him in hand I probably would have skipped this version and gone for the Unite Warriors Takara Tomy set instead so I’m glad I got the opportunity. To be honest I wish there was a way to test drive more of the figures like this.

Hasbro’s Computron set isn’t for everyone but I know kids and adults alike are going to have fun whichever version of this guy they buy.

What do you think of the Combiner Wars figures? Love ’em or hate ’em I’d like to hear your opinion!

Click on the link to see more pictures of Computron from the Hasbro Hong Kong trial play event here.


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  1. Most of what I’ve seen has been about the UW version so great to finally see a review of the CW one – cheers!

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