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Transformers TCG Wave 2 Battle Card Reveal

Wizards of the Coast Australia and Hasbro Australia have generously given me the imagery of 2 new battle cards from the upcoming second wave of the Transformers Trading Card Game (TCG). The second wave of cards will be released in March 2019 in Australia and I’m delighted the game has had enough popularity to ensure it can build upon itself…

AND I will point out I picked it when I mentioned how much scope the game would have if Combiners were introduced back when I reviewed Metroplex!!


The Inferno Breath battle card has some wild imagery and as it is rare probably won’t be as easy to find in sets as other battle cards.

Inferno Breath allows you to add one of your untapped characters to the fight which should come in rather handy both with and against the new Combiner cards that will also be introduced. The added bonus with this card is the defense assistance it also offers.



Surprise Attack shows Arcee pouncing into action. She’s come a long way since the G1 cartoon and this visual shows her as a strong Autobot warrior she has become.

Surprise Attack allows one of your characters to Pierce 3 until the end of the turn. Pierce 3 allows you to inflict 3 damage on a character regardless of their defense score ensuring you always inflict some harm when you use this card.

I can see this card being quite beneficial against any of the stronger cards to ensure some amount of damage hits its mark to whittle down your opponent, especially when tackling challenging characters like Metroplex or the upcoming Combiners.

I love that this TCG is expanding and evolving and maintaining momentum to help build its interest and increase the challenge. Can’t wait to get my hands on some of the Combiners and see how they work, and how hard they’ll be to take down!

Which card do you think will be more useful?

Thanks once again to Wizards of the Coast and Hasbro Australia for allowing us to bring you these sneak peak reveals!

Want to see other reveals? Check out my mate Big Angry Trev’s exclusive TCG reveal too!


3 thoughts on “Transformers TCG Wave 2 Battle Card Reveal

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  2. Cool! That’s awesome artwork from the IDW comics, and Arcee looks amazing with those flaming swords. And a fire theme recurring with the Firecon card too. I can’t wait for Series 2 to be released here 🙂

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