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In search of Hong Kong’s best Hainan Chicken

This Malay/Singapore dish (originally from Hainan, but perfected by Malaysia and Singapore) can be a bit scary to the Western palate as it involves a boiled and then chilled fresh yellow skinned chicken, normally served cold, gelatinous skin on and deboned accompanied by a chicken rice (rice boiled in a chicken broth) and dipping sauces. … Continue reading

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Tim Ho Wan – the cheapest Michelin starred restaurant around

Dim Sum or Yum Cha. Whatever you call it, it is normally a morning or lunchtime eating exploration. Most restaurants serve Yum Cha during the day and traditional Cantonese fare – dishes and rice – at dinner. Tim Ho Wan breaks tradition by serving a small selection of Yum Cha dishes from 10.30 am in … Continue reading