The Art of Dumplings … Super Star Seafood Restaurant
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The Art of Dumplings … Super Star Seafood Restaurant

Restaurants need a gimmick to stand out in Hong Kong. Especially Yum Cha (dim sum) restaurants which are a dime a dozen and found on almost every corner. Super Star Seafood Restaurant has come up with an interesting one that certainly enticed me through their doors.  There are several “Super Star” restaurants in Hong Kong, … Continue reading

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Tim Ho Wan – the cheapest Michelin starred restaurant around

Dim Sum or Yum Cha. Whatever you call it, it is normally a morning or lunchtime eating exploration. Most restaurants serve Yum Cha during the day and traditional Cantonese fare – dishes and rice – at dinner. Tim Ho Wan breaks tradition by serving a small selection of Yum Cha dishes from 10.30 am in … Continue reading