About Me…

Lisamaree and MitchellWhat is a Sprog? 

It is a colloquial term used in the nether regions of the planet (Australia and New Zealand) to describe ones’ offspring, aka children.  This blog started off many MANY moons ago to document my experiences as a first time mum but as with all things it has evolved into so much more.

Who am I?

I’m Lisamaree, an ex-pat Kiwi (New Zealander … not fruit) who considers Sydney as home. Married to Superman (aka Titus), in 2008 we took our adventure and our two sprogs to Hong Kong, and this blog is along for the ride.

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What’s my blog about?

It’s about travel and our experiences – mostly with the kids – as we explore this wonderful blue rock we call Earth.

It’s about Hong Kong. Exploring the city we currently call home both traditionally, culturally and from a parent’s perspective. You’ll also find a fair few posts about Disneyland Hong Kong.

It’s about rediscovering my passions and being a geek mum. Transformers, superheroes, comics, sci-fi … BRING IT ON!

It’s about food. We are eating our way through Hong Kong and delighting in the culinary experiences we get to have. You’ll find the odd restaurant review. Hong Kong is all about the food; just ask any local.

It’s about experimenting with food and in particular cakes and cake decorating – something I have discovered a joy for since living in Hong Kong.

Sometimes, it is about my thoughts on life, the universe, and the trials and tribulations of bringing up 2 kids while living in a non-english speaking country within a crazy expat society. I live day to day with an autoimmune disorder, so from time to time you might see me write about the world that is hidden on the inside yet seemingly normal on the out …

We pay our own way through the restaurants and places I review and rate throughout this blog – all the opinions come from our own personal experiences. No one bribes us in any way shape or form to give the opinions expressed here.

Meet the Sprogs:

Bethany, our charismatic and adventurous, but somewhat shy little sprog, was born in 2004. She loves giraffes, Superman (obsessed with Dean Cain since she was nigh on 18 months old … and still obsessed), fashion and shoes.

Mitchell, sprog number deux, arrived after a dramatic and stressful pregnancy early in 2007. He’s obsessed with Transformers (Bless my heart!) and commercial aircraft. Since we generally have to use a plane to go anywhere he’s a pretty happy chappy. 😉

Thanks for coming along for the ride and experiencing Life … with SPROGS!


10 thoughts on “About Me…

  1. I get to be the first to comment! Wow. Glad to see you have a new website up, and I expect it to be regularly updated with new photos. Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks for following my blog. I look forward to hearing more about you HK experience. I do hope it’s better than mine.
    My blog will change somewhat now that I’m returning to the UK. I hope you still enjoy it.

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