Transformers TCG Card List – Wave 2

This page lists all the Transformers TCG Cards we currently have and is mostly for my reference, however, if you find it useful then bonus.

If I have spares listed I am happy to swap with other collectors for something I don’t have if viable.

Transformers TCG Wave 2: Rise of the Combiner Character Cards

Card # Card Name Collected Spares
RT T01/T46 Acid Storm Toxic Terror Y 1
CT T02/T46 Air Raid Fearless Flyer Y 1
CT T03/T46 Alpha Bravo Airborne Special Ops Y 1
UT T04/T46 Autobot Hot Rod Impulsive Fighter Y
UT T05/T46 Autobot Mirage Counterintelligence Y 1
CT T06/T46 Autobot Novastar Search and Rescue Y
SRT T07/T46 Autobot Springer Aerial Defense N
CT T08/T46 Blackwing Aerial Attacker Y
SRT T09/T46 Blitzwing Relentless Foe Y
UT T10/T46 Bluestreak Reluctant Soldier N
UT T11/T46 Blurr Fastest Bot in the Galaxy N
RT T12/T46 Bombshell Decepticon Ops N
CT T13/T46 Breakdown Paranoid Scout Y 1
CT T14/T46 Bumblebee Trusted Lieutenant N
CT T15/T46 Dead End Doomed Loner Y
CT T16/T46 Decepticon Drag Strip Cutthroat Warrior Y
RT T17/T46 Decepticon Venin Insecticon Tyrant N
RT T18/T46 Dinobot Sludge Dino Demolitions Y
RT T19/T46 Dinobot Slug Battering Ram N
RT T20/T46 Dinobot Snarl Spiked Battler N
RT T21/T46 Dinobot Swoop Bombardier Y
UT T22/T46 Dirge Doombringer Y
UT T23/T46 Divebomb Aerial Assault Y
CT T24/T46 Dreadwing Air Defense Y 1
CT T25/T46 Fireflight Sky High Recon Y 1
UT T26/T46 Grapple Autobot Architect Y 1
RT T27/T46 Grimlock Powerful Commander Y
UT T28/T46 Ironhide Steadfast Brawler Y
CT T29/T46 Megatron Arrogant Ruler Y
CT T30/T46 Motormaster Stunticon Leader Y
CT T31/T46 Offroad All-Terrain Soldier N
UT T32/T46 Optimus Prime Gleaming Commander Y
UT T33/T46 Predacon Headstrong Ground Assault N
UT T34/T46 Predacon Rampage Savage Hunter Y
UT T35/T46 Prowl Strategic Mastermind Y
UT T36/T46 Razorclaw Predacon Leader Y
CT37/T46 Ruckus Combat Assault Y
CT T38/T46 Silverbolt Aerialbot Leader N
CT T39/T46 Skydive Air Warfare Specialist N
RT 40/T46 Skywarp Teleporting Seeker N
SRT T41/T46 Starscream Decepticon King Y
UT T42/T46 Sunstreaker Bold Warrior Y
UT T43/T46 Thrust Supersonic Interceptor N
UT T44/T46 Torox Fueler N
RT T45/T46 Warpath Confident Sharpshooter Y
SRT T46/T46 Windblade Combiner Hunter N
Combiner Menasor Menacing Colossus
Combiner Volcanicus Fiery Champion
Combiner Predaking Ferocious Hunter
Combiner Superion Sky Protector
Combiner Dreadwing Sky Destroyer
Combiner Optimus Maximus Ultimate Defender Y
Combiner Devastator Towering Warrior Y
Wave 2P Promo Cards
RT P2 Omega Supreme
(Titan Sized Card)
Autobot Defense Base
Wave 2A Devastator Deck Devastator Combiner
RT T01/T06 Bonecrusher Demolitions Y
RT T02/T06 Hook Surgical Engineer Y
RT T03/T06 Longhaul Transport Y
RT T04/T06 Mixmaster Materials Fabrication Y
RT T05/T06 Scavenger Mining and Salvage Y
RT T06/T06 Scrapper Construction Foreman Y
Wave 2S Starter Deck 2 Bumblebee vs Megatron
RT T01/04 Bumblebee Least Likely, Most Dangerous
RT T02/04 Megatron Cybertronian Tyrant
RT T03/04 Starscream Decepticon Lieutenant
RT T04/04 Windblade Defender of Truth

Transformers TCG Wave 2 Rise of the Combiner Battle Cards

Wave 2 Battle Cards Collected Spares
U001/081 Aerialbot Enigma Y 4
R002/081 Aerialbot Formation Y 1
R003/081 Ancient Wisdom Y
C004/081 Armored Plating Y 6
U005/081 Attack Drone Y 1
U006/081 Backup Beam Y 3
R007/081 Bad Attitude Y
U008/081 Bashing Shield Y 6
U009/081 Bolt of Lightning Y 2
U010/081 Bravery Y 1
U011/081 Bumpers Y 1
R012/081 Combat Commands Y
U013/081 Confidence Y 3
C014/081 Cooling Vents Y 4
U015/081 Cornered Y 1
R016/081 Crash Landing Y
R017/081 Decepticon Crown Y
R018/081 Defensive Driving Y 1
R019/081 Dinobot Enigma Y
R020/081 Electrified Spikes Y
U021/081 Enemy Combat Analysis Y
R022/081 Energized Field N
C023/081 Energon Slingshot Y 7
C024/081 Enforcement Batons Y 3
C025/081 Erratic Lightning Y 6
C026/081 Escape Route Y 4
R027/081 Espionage Y
R028/081 Evasive Maneuvers Y 4
U029/081 Field Communicator Y 5
C030/081 Field Repair Y 8
C031/081 Fling Y 6
U032/081 Focus Fire Y 4
U033/081 Fog of War N
C034/081 Handheld Blaster Y 6
R035/081 Heavy-Handed Y 1
C036/081 Improvised Shield Y 11
R037/081 Inferno Breath Y
R038/081 Intelligence Mission Y
C039/081 Inverted! Y
U040/081 Leap of Faith Y 1
R041/081 Marksmanship Y 1
R042/081 Master Plan Y
R043/081 Mining Pick N
R044/081 Mounted Missiles Y 1
C045/081 Noble’s Blaster Y 1
U046/081 Pep Talk Y 8
U047/081 Power Punch Y 1
U048/081 Predacon Enigma N
R049/081 Press the Advantage Y
C050/081 Primary Laser Y 8
C051/081 Rapid Conversion Y 7
U052/081 Reckless Charge Y
C053/081 Recon System Y 1
C054/081 Rest and Relaxation Y 5
U055/081 Scoundrel’s Blaster Y 1
U056/081 Scrounge Y 1
U057/081 Secret Dealings Y 1
C058/081 Security Console Y 2
C059/081 Sentinel Enigma Y 1
U060/081 Smelt Y 3
C061/081 Sonic Scramble Y 2
C062/081 Spare Parts Y 5
R063/081 Sparring Gear Y 5
R064/081 Stealthiness Y
R065/081 Steamroll Y 1
U066/081 Stunticon Enigma Y 1
R067/081 Stunticon Swagger Y 1
U068/081 Superior Cannon Y
U069/081 Superior Jetpack Y 1
U070/081 Superior Plating Y 2
C071/081 Surprise Attack Y 5
U072/081 Swindled Y 4
R073/081 Tackle Y
C074/081 Tech Research Y 3
C075/081 Testify Y 9
R076/081 Tooth and Claw Y 2
C077/081 Underhanded Tactics Y 6
U078/081 Universal Network Access Y 1
R079/081 Unleash Potential Y
U080/081 Vandalize Y 3
C081/081 Vaporize Y 8
Wave 2A – Devastator Deck
R001/005 Builder’s Tools Y N/A
R002/005 Construction Enigma Y N/A
R003/005 Heavy Landing Y N/A
R004/005 Reclaim Y N/A
R005/005 Work Overtime Y N/A
Force Field 2 N/A
Pep Talk 2 N/A
Primary Laser 2 N/A
Rapid Conversion 2 N/A