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The most beautiful building in the world…

Or so it is often written.

Know which building I am talking about? It isn’t the Sydney Opera House – sorry – it doesn’t even come close.

It resides in a third world country on the Asian continent. It was built in 22 years and completed in 1653. It is made predominantly of translucent white marble and possibly one of the most easily recognisable buildings in the world.

It also happened to be very high on the list of places Titus and I wanted to visit together as a couple. It is, of course, The Taj Mahal.

And now I’ve been there. I’ve seen it. I’ve even touched it. I had to pinch myself when we first entered the Taj Mahal Complex. You don’t see it straight away as there are gardens and a gate you have to pass through. Once you come through the gate however – WOW.

It truly took our breath away.

See? Even our iPhone couldn’t take a bad photo! It really is that white and the sky really was that blue. No photoshopping or filters used here folks!

We’ve seen the canals of Venice, the Eiffel Tower, The Empire State Building and even the Leaning Tower of Pisa. I didn’t think much could come close to the beauty of Pisa and the white marble there. I was wrong.

The Taj Mahal definitely deserves its title as the most beautiful building and we found it more romantic than Venice (not that that is hard!). This mausoleum was built out of love. It shows in the detail, the craftsmanship and the extravagance.

You might be asking – why the sexy red booties?

When you walk past the gardens to enter the white marble complex there are no shoes allowed. However tourists are given disposable ‘booties’ to cover their shoes to walk on the marble. Yep – even the floor of the Taj Mahal is marble.

As you get up close and personal with the building the detail starts to come alive on the walls. There are patterns and calligraphy ornately decorating the entire structure. I was again left standing in awe at the beauty and skill that went into the creation of this place.

I am so glad we took the opportunity to see the Taj Mahal. It is some 4 hours form Delhi (mostly because of traffic congestion) but was worth the trek. It was everything (and MORE!) than I expected. I can’t wait to one day take my kids back to see it too.

We made it to the Taj Mahal!! I still can’t believe it.


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