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Run, Run, Run …

This morning we woke to silence.

“So what?” I hear you say.

Silence is an eerily rare event near our place as we live next to a major freeway. Normally our Sunday mornings are full of the roar of ridiculously expensive sports cars hooning down the freeway well above the legal limit before the police and general masses are awake enough to congest the roadways.

I smiled as I opened the curtains to see a maelstrom of runners clambering past our apartment. The Standard Charter Marathon was on!

I love watching the people, their expressions – pride, determination, absolute agony…

I love watching the diversity of runners – serious, hobbiest, walker and “uh oh … why on earth did I enter this thing!”

An ambulance or two trundles by. The occasional bus full of those who have decided to give up, their heads hung low in defeat, trails the end half of the runners.

They run, they walk, they push on, and most succeed as they persevere. A marathon is not only a test of endurance but of personal inner strength as well. All these people achieved that inner strength to get out there, give it a go and strive for accomplishment. Whether they completed the race or not, they achieved something.

So I say to all of you who ran this morning – Well done! Congrats!

and … thank you for giving us a morning of peaceful silence and visual enjoyment. We hope you achieved your goals!

I took a load of photos along the Eastern Distributor this morning as the runners came past North Point. If you find yourself in any of the pics let me know! You can view the entire set here.




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