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I used to hate the rain.

Growing up in Auckland will do that to ya. Barely a day would go by without a cloud in the sky threatening to drench everyone. My memories are filled with days trudging home from school soaked to the bone as rain poured endlessly and unrelenting. Sitting at traffic lights barely able to see the road in front as a torrent of water pummelled the roof of the car from the clouds above. Dark winter afternoons and evenings trekking home from university, wet and cold, walking through my door and being so wet I brought my own personal puddle inside with me. The constant thrum of rain as it pelted down upon the tile roof while I snuggled into the continental blanket not wanting to get up or out of my nice warm bed. The soaked grass and ground so laden with water you couldn’t walk anywhere without your gumboots going squelch and being smothered in mud. Yep. I hated it… HATED it!

That’s probably one of the reasons I moved to Sydney.

So it might come as some surprise that these days when the skies open up over Hong Kong I delight in it. I will happily walk in drizzle without an umbrella (much to the horrified views of locals and helpers). Hong Kong weather is so variable that I’ve gone through years here where it felt like it almost never rained aside from the odd typhoon over the heat of summer. I began to MISS the rain.

At the moment Hong Kong is going through an unusually wet season with rain and thunderstorms almost every day. I’ve never experienced this kind of persistent precipitation in Hong Kong before. While my friends and acquaintances moan about how awful it is I delight in it. I find myself wanting to stand in the rain (which admittedly is much warmer than anything you get in Auckland) and just let it pour on me. I don’t mind getting wet.

rainI close my eyes and turn my face to the heavens. I am enchanted by the rain. The soft pelting of water on my face brings a wry smile to my features. If a storm rolls down the harbour I plaster my nose to the window. I smile at the crash of thunder and watch the show of lightning and water as Kowloon disappears or is highlighted by bolts of lighting dancing through the clouds. Even more so at night when the lights of the harbour are accentuated as a sharp bolt of forked lightening shoots across the dark night sky.

It is simply beautiful.

As I have grown older I have found peace with rain. I find it calms my soul. I even miss the pitter patter of it on the roof (since I live in an apartment and therefore have no roof). Change – how surprising it is in all its forms.

Do you love or hate rain?

For those curious, on average Auckland has over 10 days of rain each month (unless it is in drought) and some months can have up to 18 days of rain in one month… normally in Winter… when it’s cold and the daylight hours are short.


4 thoughts on “Rain…

  1. I have been absolutely hating this weather lately. Though I suppose it is something you get used to living in HK.
    Feels like I haven’t seen the sun in ages. I was ready to start spending my weekends on the beach weeks ago!

    • You share the same sentiment as the majority of my friends. Thanks for commenting.
      I am sure the sun will shine long, hot and humid soon enough… in fact my sunburn from today is testament to that! 😉

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