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Cruising out to Whampoa

Whampoa – a typical shopping area with residential apartments on top. Not quite! You’re probably thinking “what’s that boat doing in the middle of the map?” and it would certainly be a justified question. Let’s look at it from the street …

Looks like a boat from this angle too huh? The kids wanted a closer look …

Ok – so you get the picture … maybe. This ‘boat’ is actually a shopping mall made of concrete. Why anyone would want to make a boat shaped shopping mall is beyond me, but I suppose it does generate a lot of conversation. The majority of the boat is a Japanese department store called Jusco. The kids loved it – both for the novelty of the boat fixtures and the toy section of the department store.

We dragged them away from the boat long enough to find a 10-pin bowling alley close by. This bowling alley only had 2 kids lanes which had to have the bumpers raised manually (yay for me I got to use bumpers), however it did give the kids a fun afternoon.

Our visit to Whampoa was successful. Not only did we get to explore, but the kids have found another fun thing we can do as a family from time to time, AND we still have more of Whampoa to explore as the ‘boat’ is surrounded on all side by various shopping mall precincts.


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