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Cake and Decorating Supply Alternatives

If you live in Hong Kong and you like to make cakes, you’ve probably already heard about the main store you can go to get your supplies in Central. Now I admit I use that store for some things as they have a monopoly on some products, but after continually being ripped off, lied to, ignored, reluctantly offered discounts only to have them taken away a few months later “because management have changed their minds” and treated like something to leech money out of (progressively they have gotten worse especially since their move to their new location) I am ALWAYS looking for alternative stores, even if they are the same price. If I could avoid that store in Central I would …

I see a lot of people hit my site looking for cake decorating stuff in Hong Kong so I thought I would offer up some alternatives for you to check out.


1/F, 137 Johnston Rd, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

TWINS in Wan Chai is one place worth going. From the outside the building looks like an old residential block, but don’t let that put you off heading up to the first floor. You can purchase basic supplies – butter (good brands like Anchor), cream cheese, flour, baking powder, etc, normally at cheaper prices than the supermarket as well as cheap cake tins, chocolate moulds, cupcake pans, cookie cutters, flavourings, colourings, cardboard boxes, etc. They don’t have everything, but what they do have helps, and cake pans (tins) are considerably cheaper than the expensive place in Central. The pans aren’t Wilton, but the ones I have purchased have all worked great! It is very chinese in that it is a no-frills store and some of the staff speak only limited english, but their prices are reasonable, the selection isn’t too bad and around Christmas/Easter/Mid-Autumn Festival they often have festive products – eg easter egg/santa chocolate moulds, moon-cake supplies, etc. They also have a VIP program you can join for free after a minimum spend (which you can accumulate over multiple purchases/visits) which gives you 5% off your shopping every time.

I Love Cake

H2, G/F, 188 Wan Chai Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

This is a small shop in Wan Chai (I think they have another over in Kowloon somewhere).

They offer a large range of cookie cutters which can also be used for fondant at reasonable prices. They have a small range of fondant and fondant cutters. The fondant is about the same price as Central. They also have some of the baking products Twinsco have such as cake flour and butter at a cheaper price than supermarkets. This is one of those store that has a lot packed in and you really have to take your time to look otherwise you will blink and miss it.
They also offer a VIP program. If you accumulate 10 stamps (I think each stamp is a $50 spend) you are entitled to 5% discount. You do have to ask about the VIP program when you first purchase to be told about this though. The poor lady manning this store has been run off her feet serving customers and answering phone calls when I have been in, so it may simply have been an oversight. Either way, this is another wonderful alternative to look through for your supplies and crafty additions to your decorating.

7th Feb 2014 UPDATE – Check out my latest “Cake Decorating and Supply Alternatives” post to find out more about another store – Sweet Decorations.

Do you have another location to recommend for reasonably priced, value for money baking supplies and cake decorating tools in Hong Kong? Let me know so I can check them out. Please note: they need to have a physical shop location I can visit.


20 thoughts on “Cake and Decorating Supply Alternatives

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    • The last time I was in there they had a couple of tubs but not a huge supply … I am not sure if it is a regular thing they stock, but I am sure you can ask them.

  2. Although I note that this entry is almost a year old i thought I’d mention that there is another location of I Love Cake on Shanghai Street in Kowloon, that mecca for cooking and baking enthusiasts. The address is 338 Shanghai Street, not far from the Yau Ma Tei MTR Station. That section of Shanghai Street is well worth a visit; I’ve been known to spend an entire afternoon there.

    • I hv a baking / icing enthusiast in the family and she wants gum tragacanth and liquid glucose syrup .. would the I Luv Cake shops have them ?

  3. Hi kiwiinoz, Mrs Crispy in Aberdeen is another place to look out for if you’re on this side of the island. It’s on the 18th floor of Fullagar Industrial Building (#234 Aberdeen Main Road. Opposite Abba Shopping Centre and next to Jadewater Apartments). It’s a small business but the owners are friendly and helpful. President, Anchor and Elle & Vivre butters, mascarpone and cream cheese sold much cheaper than supermarkets. They also have an adjoining baking area where classes are conducted. Sorry can’t find the business card so no phone no. They might be closed on Mondays if memory serves me well.

  4. There are two shops in CWB, 22 Yiwoo Street, I think. just opposite of Sogo. one is located 8F, other other is 10F. Both carry ordinary items, a bit similar to Twinsco but less crowed. I think HK is in a baking mood, thats the reason why supply shop is cherry blossoming now.

  5. Sweet Decoration Company Ltd. ( unit B 13F Kong Ling Bldg. 102 Jervois St. Sheung Wan HK.
    They have limited stocks for cake decorating but are cheaper compared to other shops.

  6. I like sweet decorations as the owner is very helpful. Their cake decorating materials are from uk and usa. I found them very useful especially their super tall cake boxes and cupcake boxes.

  7. Hi there, I see this is an old post but wondering if you can help me. I need some gel food colouring super quick & haven’t time to go seeking… Party on Saturday! Could you advise which store closest to central has a good range of gel food colours? Your advice would be much appreciated! Also seeking titanium dioxide whitening powder if you’ve come across it here!!!

    • Unfortunately if Central is your only option, then Complete Deelite (CD) is probably the only place to find the gel colours (IF they have them in stock – every time I go they are out of stock of at least one colour or item I need) and it will not be cheap. I have not seen whitening powder, but CD do sometimes have a whitening paste in stock which I have used in the past to ‘whiten’ buttercream.

  8. I am in need of cookie/ cake treat boxes. I need very basic cardboard (brown/ white) ones. Does anyone know if any of these stores sell this type of item specifically?

    • TWINS have a range of boxes and see through plastic containers, however they may not be as plain as you want. I have yet to source somewhere in HK that does the Wilton style boxes (without the Complete Deelite price tag). I know they must exist … good luck with your search.

    • Places like Twins are definitely worth visiting for bread makers. I know for a fact Twins stocks a brand of Japanese bread flour that I have used a couple of times with great success. You’ll also find things like poppy seeds, sesame seeds, etc.

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  10. hi! do you guys sell fondont? i was just planning to make a cake but i coulndt make it without the fondont so i was loking around websites and i came into yours so just wondering if you sell fondont. thx

    • I love cake sell a limited supply of fondant. Sweet Decorations in Wan Chai (see my other post) normally have a good supply of fondant. Complete Deelite (more-often-than-not the expensive option) also have fondant but price check and be prepared they may not have what you want in stock when you want it.

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