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Cake Decorating and Supply Alternatives in Hong Kong – Sweet Decorations

I’ve talked about cake decorating supply shops around Hong Kong Island in the past and as it seems to be one of my frequently hit posts I thought it might be time to add another store to the list.

TwinsCo and I Love Cake are still going strong and still worth the visit for your decorating and cake baking supplies. Another store has also risen to the fore – Sweet Decorations.

Located in the same building as TwinsCo (TwinsCo is on level 1, Sweet Decorations is on level 13) Sweet Decorations offers fondant (Satin Ice), loads of fondant tools (at seemingly cheaper prices that those found in Central), candy embellishments, moulds, cake boxes, cupcake stands, flour, baking chocolate and a range of other products for those of us who love to bake.

It does have a bit of product overlap with TwinsCo downstairs and prices can vary between the two, so I would suggest price checking both before making your purchases, although TwinsCo doesn’t stock fondant or much in the way of candy embellishments.

Sweet Decorations have a loyalty card which gives a discount on purchases. Make sure to ask about it if you are a first time shopper there. They also offer a rice paper printing service – an alternative to the printed icing sheets, particularly for those with allergies. I’ve always found the girls in Sweet Decorations very helpful with products in their store when I’ve not been able to find what I am after.

The fact they share the same building as TwinsCo, right next to the Wan Chai MTR, is complementary and makes sourcing a good range of products between both stores very accessible. Of course, I’m not entirely sure how TwinsCo feel about having such a similarly themed store sitting a few floors above them…

Sweet Decorations, 13/F Simsons Commercial Building
137-139 Johnston Road
Wan Chai

Note: I was not paid or asked to write this review and offer it based upon my own personal experience using these stores as a source of supplies for my own baking and decorating addiction.

9 thoughts on “Cake Decorating and Supply Alternatives in Hong Kong – Sweet Decorations

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  2. Hello!
    I would like to know if you know of a cake decorating store that sells, or accepts orders for fondant cake toppers.
    Would appreciate any info you could provide.

    • Don’t know of any who specialise in this, however you could ask most of the reputable cake companies to see if they would offer this. I am sure they’ll do it for a price. 🙂

  3. Hi, do you know of a store in Hong Kong that sells rolled icing and sugarpaste for cake decorating?

    Thanks 🙂

    • I’m afraid I don’t know of any stores for pre-rolled icing. You can buy sugarpaste in tubs from a couple of stores here – Sweet Decorations and Complete Deelite would the the two to check with first.

  4. Thanks for the top. It really helped. I checked out both places. Sweet decorations Customer service has the edge over twinsco. I wouldn’t go to twinsco again.

    • That’s correct. twinsco is a very basic local store so service is not a priority. Sweet Deco are always willing to answer questions and have always been very friendly to me. Don’t completely rule twinsco out though. Sometimes they have items in stock Sweet Deco don’t so it is nice to have the choice, especially in the same building and without the ridiculous prices found at places catering to unknowing expats.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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