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Christmas @ Hong Kong Disneyland 2013

Who doesn’t love Christmas. It’s full of colour and song, presents and merriment.

Normally one of the most magical places to experience the delight of Christmas is over at the Hong Kong House of Mouse… ie Disneyland. We venture over there every year around this time for the last 5 or so years to be immersed in fun of the festive season. We look forward to the new and innovative ways Disney light up our Christmas spirit …

But the seemingly only thing lighting up at Hong Kong Disneyland this year is …

The Tree…

As we looked for the extra street parades that normally go with Disney at this time of year there was only the lighting of the Christmas tree in the early evening. A sad affair of people waving giant snowflakes uplit in blue while Mickey and Minnie turned on the Christmas Tree lights. Unfortunately we couldn’t even get half way down Main Street to see exactly what was happening near the tree as the crowds were insane. Whatever happened,the characters didn’t hang around long at all as the majority of people saw nothing but the tree itself.

The Christmas lights are always pretty in Hong Kong Disneyland. It just felt like there was little special about the park at all this year. The only area of the park truly decked out in boughs of holly was Main Street and the front entrance. Walking around the rest of the park just felt like a normal day at any other time of the year. It felt … flat.

The one hint over near Sleeping Beauty’s castle that Christmas was indeed upon us stood in it’s purple glory. A resin statue of Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Daisy around a purple Christmas tree. It was lovely. However, logistically it was almost impossible to take a nice picture with because Mickey and Minnie were in a position where their merriment was obstructed by their noses due to their height.

Mickey and Minnie were available for photos on Main Street wearing the real costumes and as always were super popular. This year unfortunately we just didn’t queue up in time and missed out.

At night the glow from the purple tree was really pretty. I just wish there had been more of this kind of thing throughout the park. Sadly, it seems as the years go on Hong Kong Disney is doing less and less for their festival celebrations.

Following on from last year the Corner Cafe Christmas mug was Minnie Mouse and we had to add her to our collection after demolishing the Black forest chocolate mousse she contained. (And a lovely photo bomb from Mitchell – his current favourite pass-time.)

On the plus side I was delighted to discover Hong Kong Disneyland is FINALLY doing more with Christmas ornaments. There were several different ornament products for purchase and while I was in one store the whole display of a set of 4 ornaments (Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy baubles) disappeared quickly as people couldn’t resist the urge to Disney-fy their trees. We added two new ornaments to our collection, although we didn’t opt to personalise them this year.

Normally we would spend almost every weekend leading up to Christmas our at Disneyland enjoying the Christmas cheer, but this year I don’t think we’ll be making any more visits out before the Chinese New Year festivities kick off.

So sad, So sad.

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