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Mother’s Day …

Ya know, I never planned on being a mum. Even in my mid-20’s I had no desire to have kids. And yet here I am celebrating my 10th year of motherhood.

Sweet CuddlesI blame my husband. No, really! And NOT in the way you’re thinking my dirty minded reader! 😉 He always said he wanted sprogs. LOTS of ’em. He even had a plan for us to end up with an entire cricket team (That’d be 11!). Eventually he ignited the cluckiness in me and I suddenly realised I wanted to be a mum and have a family too. It took a while for that to become a reality but when Bethany came into our lives our world changed forever. It was amazing and magical and hellish and scary all wrapped up in a cute little pink bundle of wonder that became our obsession and our world.

Our lives changed completely. Our priorities shifted. It brought my hubby and I closer in a way I can’t truly put into words as we teamed up to ensure our little princess flourished. My focus changed. Whilst we had ensured we could always cope on a single income prior to having Bethany I had the intention of going back to work a year after  she was born. That grand plan slipped away as both my husband and I realised being a stay-at-home mum had more worth to us than we could have imagined. I was blessed with the chance to nurture my daughter by being there for her in every way that I could. I know how lucky I was and am to have that opportunity. I’ve sacrificed a career, which may or may not come back to bite me one day, but ya know what? My kids were worth it.

Those of you wondering why we don’t have that aforementioned cricket team … well, one need not look much further than my second pregnancy with Mitchell.

My first pregnancy was textbook. Everything went right. It was easy (up until complications at delivery). My second pregnancy was a world of horrors I wouldn’t wish on anyone. You know the section of those pregnancy books you read that talk about all the complications that can happen? Yeah – well – let’s just say “been there, experienced that, don’t ever want to experience it again”. I could probably write a fair bit about the first hand experience of the majority of those complications. By the time Mitchell was born I was a very sick and frazzled mess. My husband wasn’t much better as he’d gone through the roller coaster ride with me and despite his desire for a large family both of us decided at that point that two would do. He didn’t want me to go through another pregnancy the chance of which could be as bad or worse than that of Mitchell. Neither of us could endure that again. And thus our small family of 4 was destined to be…

No one can truly tell you what your life will be like when you become a mum. Each of us travel a different path along the road of motherhood. It isn’t without obstacles or frustrations. Some days are simply magical while others are horrific. Some days fill me with absolute joy. Others fill me with helplessness and despair. Being a mum – NO – being a parent – this is what our lives are.

I wouldn’t be a mum without my husband in more ways that the obvious. He is my strength. He is my heart. He is my partner in crime, my team mate and most devoted supporter. For me Mothers Day isn’t about flowers or gifts or cards. It is about family. A day to celebrate being a mum – sure! A day to celebrate as a mum having an amazing family and fabulous husband – that’s what this day, Mothers Day, means to me.

What does Mothers Day mean to you?


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