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Oh Hong Kong Disneyland Christmas Tree…

Christmas is a magical time of year and a great excuse to venture out to the Hong Kong house of mouse aka Hong Kong Disneyland.

Unfortunately Hong Kong Disneyland doesn’t seem to embrace the festive season like the American Disney’s. There is less and less happening out there as each year passes. This year Main Street is decked out in its regular Christmas garb from years past, you can visit Anna and Elsa (if you don’t mind waiting a minimum of 2 hours in line to do so… we did and skipped them) or watch a few little pop up shows from Toy Story or Frozen if you time your day right.

Beyond Main Street you wouldn’t even know it was Christmas with the festivities lacking and simply more of the same old, same old on offer. The magic is waning.

Having said that, Main Street does have a wonderful post-sunset celebration to illuminate the Christmas tree. During the day the tree stands tall looking just as pretty as it did last year.

Come sunset a short performance brings the tree to life. The tree dances and sparkles as acappella carollers entice the crowds with Christmas tunes, fake snow falls onto the street and the occasional burst of fireworks light up the sky.

The carollers are pitch perfect, as you’d expect from a Disney production and enchanting to listen to.

It’s a small but magical experience that reminds me there is still a little life in the Disney festivities yet. It’s just a shame there isn’t more festive cheer around the park…

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