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This birthday cake is DEVASTATING!

My son turned 12 and when asked what he wanted on his cake this year I was delighted and a little daunted as he asked for his favourite combiner Transformer – G1 Devastator.


Devastator provides a few challenges for a buttercream cake as he can have quite a bit of detail to him because he is created by 6 individual bots (the Constructicons). I simplified an image I found and crossed my fingers he would translate well into buttercream.


The image was traced onto the cake using piping gel which I then went over with black buttercream alternating between a 2 and 3 tip giving a nice outline to work with.


With the image transferred, it was a matter of patiently “colouring in” Devastator with greens, purples and grey buttercream using star tips.


My son was absolutely delighted with his Combiner cake both inside and out! A cake even Megatron would be proud of!


If you could choose any G1 Transformer to have on your birthday cake who would it be?



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